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Mission Fire Fighters accept Rib eating challenge
Come out and support your Mission Fire Fighters as they will compete to see who can eat the most ribs in the fastest time. The challenge has been accepted and fire fighters look forward to this event. The Event will take place at Texas Roadhouse in Mcallen located at 1224 E Jcaskon Rd. For further information feel free to contact us or Texas Roadhouse. ***Originally Posted August 25, 2019

Fire Fighters support and Endorse Marco De Luna
We are pleased to announce the endorsement of Marco De Luna for Justice of the peace. He continues to support fire fighters and all first responders. It is without a doubt Marco will do a fantastic job serving our community. We ask the public to support your #MissionFireFighters and help elect Marco De Luna into office. ***Originally Posted August 13, 2019

Mission Fire Fighters Endorse Rep. Bobby Guerra
With the 86th legislative session behind us. We witnessed first hand his leadership and support for all first responders. Help us re-elect him as we need a friend at the Capitol that advocates for us. It is no secret that we continue to support those, who support us. Therefore, we proudly support and endorse State Representative Bobby Guerrafor HD 41. #WeStandWithBobby #AVote4BobbyIsAVote4FireFighters ***Originally Posted August 6, 2019

Fire Fighters recognize Legislators at Council meeting
During Monday night council meeting members presented awards to Senator Juan Chuy Hinojosa, & Oscar Longoria State Representative District 35 for their continued support and dedication, to improving the workers comp system in the 86th legislative session. They were also recognized for securing funds for border fire departments. These funds will allow us to apply for grants and obtain the funding for new equipment. They just don’t say they support fire fighters, they show it. ***Originally ...

Fire Fighters participate in MDA Summer camp
We are proud to participate in the 2019 MDA summer camp. This is why we continue to fill-the-boot and support this organization. We do it for the kids. We do it for everyone fighting this horrible disease. Every year members are selected to travel to Rockport, Tx to volunteer in frisbee golf, boating, archery, art center, and challenging courses. Our members work with campers, providing around-the-clock care and attention. Fire fighters aren’t just providing service to the community, they go ...

Happy 4th of July
Fireworks are often used in celebration of special events and holidays. We know fireworks are fun and little ones look adorable holding those sparklers. Unfortunately, fireworks can lead to accidents for children, including devastating burns and other injuries that lead to many families seeking emergent care on the holiday. This Fourth of July, take a little extra precaution to have a safe and happy event. HERE ARE SOME TIPS AND REMINDERS TO HAVE AND KEEP EVERYONE SAFE. 1. Leave fireworks...

TSAFF 2019 Biennal Convention Adjourns
The Texas State Association of Fire Fighters 46th Biennial Convention comes to a close. Delegates considered and passed several key resolutions that will set the bar for the next 2 years. We would like to thank City of McAllen TX Government and McAllen Firefighters for hosting and providing the best hospitality to the members. Dustin Burrows for Texas, Oscar Longoria State Representative District 35 for your continued leadership and commitment to fire fighters. ***Originally Posted July 1 20...

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