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Fire Fighter-Backed Candidate Prevails in Mayoral Election
The fire fighters in Mission, Texas, don’t normally involve themselves in local elections, but that all changed this spring as the city’s mayoral race headed for a three-way runoff between the incumbent, a former mayor, and a 15-year councilwoman. The fire fighters were at a crossroads, frustrated by the lack of cooperation with the incumbent mayor, and decided to jump in the mix and use their political clout to push a friendly face to public safety over the finish line. “We do not ...

Setting The Record Straight About Mission’s Support of Their Fire Fighters
Recently comments were made about how your Mission Fire Fighters are “taken care of” by elected officials. We would like to provide transparency on this subject.  Please see the letter from Mission Fire Fighters Association to the elected officials regarding these comments.

Mission Fire Fighters Endorse Moises "Moy" Iglesias for Mission City Council Place 1

Mission Fire Fighters Endorse Abiel Flores for Mission City Council Place 3

Mission Fire Fighter Homer Salinas Wins Legal Victory In City's Lawsuit To Deny Cancer Treatment Benefits
Mission firefighters are grateful for the court ruling that moves Lt. Homer Salinas a step closer to defeating the City of Mission’s taxpayer-funded lawsuit to deny workers’ compensation insurance coverage for his occupational cancer treatments. In a pivotal ruling, the court struck the city’s key designated medical expert witness in the case and rejected city efforts to designate another one. We appreciate the continuing good work of Homer’s attorneys with the legal team at the Texas...

Mission Fire Fighters provide information about contagious Delta variant
What is the Delta variant? Delta is the name for the B.1.617.2. variant of COVID-19, which originally surfaced in India in December 2020. This strain spread rapidly, becoming the dominant strain of the virus in both India and then Great Britain. Now, it has reached the United States, and the Delta variant is the most dominant form of COVID-19, accounting for more than 83% of new cases. Why is the Delta variant a concern? The Delta variant is a strain of COVID-19 that has mutations in the...

Mayor Refuses To Allow Public Comments on EMS Workshop
On Monday, July 26th, a workshop was held at Mission City Hall in reference to the city exploring Fire Service-Based EMS. Your Mission Mayor refused to allow the Public, the Tax Paying Citizens of our great city, to make any comments during the workshop. Public comments will need to wait till August 9th, at a now scheduled second workshop, where the Mayor will allow public comment on this topic.Mission Fire Fighters Association 3609 expressed support for the implementation, only after already ...

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