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Mission Fire Fighters Respond to Threats from Hollis Rutledge through Local Attorney
MISSION, Texas, June 19, 2020 – The following statement was issued by the Mission Fire Fighters Association in response to threats of litigation by the Law Office of Horacio Peña, Jr., “Mission firefighters proudly deliver excellent service, are good stewards of city resources, and we give back to the community. “We will never back down from advocating for public safety and a strong fire department. Whether on the fire ground, at city hall, or at the state capitol, we will fight for ...

Fire Fighters provide steps to prepare for a hurricane
Sometimes Mother Nature has a way of reminding us who’s in charge. While you can’t control when or where a hurricane will hit, the best way to minimize potential damage is to be prepared.When a major storm is coming, stay informed by following NOAA Weather radio or your local news channels for updates. In addition, make sure to obey all orders if requested to evacuate by the authorities. Follow these 10 steps to keep your home and loved ones safe before disaster strikes. Make a planIf ev...

Fire Engineer, Graduates with Associates degree in Fire Science
Congratulations to Justin Longoria, Fire Engineer who recently graduated with an Associates degree in fire science. With COVID-19 pandemic Longoria faced several challenges, but was able complete his goal. Longoria, will receive his masters certification from the Texas commission on fire protection, an agency that sets requirements for professional fire departments. ***Originally posted May 22, 2020

Tortoise receives new home after blaze, fire fighters prepare to paint new home as fire station
Remember “Spike” the 17-year-old tortoise; who was involved in a fire? Wednesday morning fire fighters along with Oscar Longoria State Representative District 35 gathered to see spike in his new enclosure at the National Butterfly Center. Spike is still on the road to recovery, but is feeling much better. Rep. Oscar Longoria presented a check for spikes enclosure and veterinarian expenses. Fire fighters are also planning to paint spikes house as a fire station in the upcoming weeks. ***Or...

Giving back to other frontline workers
Members of the Mission Fire Fighters Association gathered to show appreciation to others on the front lines during this pandemic. We were happy to deliver pizzas to Mission Regional Medical Center, South Texas Health System free standing, and H-E-B partners of Mission and Palmhurst. H-E-B has made sure we, as a community, stay stocked with essentials and continue providing top quality groceries and service. Nobody does it better then our H-E-B! ***Originally posted April 28, 2020

City Council approves leave to first responders
During city council Monday afternoon city officials made a motion to direct city manager, Randy Perez to draft a policy covering 100 percent of all city employees salary when ordered to quarantine for the possible exposure to COVID-19 that occurred on the job. Fire Fighters work endless hours answering the call to duty, but its more than emergency calls that have us concerned. The men & women of the Mission Fire Department are on the front lines risking the health and safety of their own famil...

Protect yourself, cover up
City of Mission residents are now required to cover up while in public. There are several types of masks and cover ups you can use. Pictured are examples the general public can utilize when obtaining essentials. Please note, the N-95 masks should be reserved for your health care providers and first responders. ***Originally Posted April 5, 2020

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