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Mayor Ocana and Councilwoman Ochoa turn their backs on fire fighters
A city budget workshop was held yesterday and pay increases were discussed. Fire Fighters were disappointed to learn that all city employees would be given pay increases except fire fighters because of strong opposition from Mayor O’Caña and Councilwomen Ochoa. However, Councilman Vela, Councilman Plata, and Councilwoman Garza were quick to respond to support fire fighters. In a 3-2 decision fire fighters will be included in a salary increase just like all city employees. This isn’...

Mission union President appears at the DNC
Who will lead our country for the next 4 years? For the (IAFF) International Association of Fire Fighters it’s not about what party you belong to. What matters is which candidate will do the most to help out fire fighters. This month our local President Robert López joined in a meeting with former VP Joe Biden, and with other labor union members across this country through video messaging software. It’s truly an honor for the IAFF to select Mission, Texas to speak to Biden for the DNC. ...

Lt. Joe Luna retires after 27 years of service
After dedicating 27 years of his life to serve his community. Lt. Joe Luna turned in his protective gear and has decided to retire. We wish Lt. Luna a happy and safe retirement. Thank you for your service! **Originally posted August 11, 2020

Fire Fighters brace for Hurricane Hanna
What a night!! Your Mission’s Bravest rose up to the challenge once again. Fire fighters were out attending to the public's' needs during a pandemic and a natural disaster. After a long 24 hr shift, many will go home and some will remain at work. Please stay at home and always remember when traveling on flooded roads "Turn Around don't drown". ***Originally posted July 26 2020

Mourning the loss of one of our own
We ask for prayers in this difficult time for the family and the men & women of the Mission Fire Department. ***Originally posted July 11, 2020

Mission Fire Fighters Respond to Threats from Hollis Rutledge through Local Attorney
MISSION, Texas, June 19, 2020 – The following statement was issued by the Mission Fire Fighters Association in response to threats of litigation by the Law Office of Horacio Peña, Jr., “Mission firefighters proudly deliver excellent service, are good stewards of city resources, and we give back to the community. “We will never back down from advocating for public safety and a strong fire department. Whether on the fire ground, at city hall, or at the state capitol, we will fight for ...

Fire Fighters provide steps to prepare for a hurricane
Sometimes Mother Nature has a way of reminding us who’s in charge. While you can’t control when or where a hurricane will hit, the best way to minimize potential damage is to be prepared.When a major storm is coming, stay informed by following NOAA Weather radio or your local news channels for updates. In addition, make sure to obey all orders if requested to evacuate by the authorities. Follow these 10 steps to keep your home and loved ones safe before disaster strikes. Make a planIf ev...

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