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Fire Fighters support and Endorse Marco De Luna

We are pleased to announce the endorsement of  Marco De Luna  for Justice of the peace. He continues to support fire fighters and all first responders. It is without a doubt Marco will do a fantastic job serving our community. We ask the public to support your  # MissionFireFighters  and help elect Marco De Luna into office.

Mission Fire Fighters Endorse Rep. Bobby Guerra

With the 86th legislative session behind us. We witnessed first hand his leadership and support for all first responders. Help us re-elect him as we need a friend at the Capitol that advocates for us. It is no secret that we continue to support those, who support us. Therefore, we proudly support and endorse  State Representative Bobby Guerra for HD 41.  # WeStandWithBobby   # AVote4BobbyIsAVote4FireFighters

Fire Fighters recognize Legislators at Council meeting

During Monday night council meeting members presented awards to  Senator Juan Chuy Hinojosa , &  Oscar Longoria State Representative District 35  for their continued support and dedication, to improving the workers comp system in the 86th legislative session. They were also recognized for securing funds for border fire departments. These funds will allow us to apply for grants and obtain the funding for new equipment. They just don’t say they support fire fighters, they show it. 

Fire Fighters participate in MDA Summer camp

We are proud to participate in the 2019 MDA summer camp. This is why we continue to fill-the-boot and support this organization. We do it for the kids. We do it for everyone fighting this horrible disease. Every year members are selected to travel to Rockport, Tx to volunteer in frisbee golf, boating, archery, art center, and challenging courses. Our members work with campers, providing around-the-clock care and attention. Fire fighters aren’t just providing service to the community, they go above...
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Happy 4th of July

Fireworks are often used in celebration of special events and holidays. We know fireworks are fun and little ones look adorable holding those sparklers. Unfortunately, fireworks can lead to accidents for children, including devastating burns and other injuries that lead to many families seeking emergent care on the holiday. This Fourth of July, take a little extra precaution to have a safe and happy event.  Here are some tips and reminders to have and keep everyone safe.  1. Leave fireworks to...
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TSAFF 2019 Biennal Convention Adjourns

The Texas State Association of Fire Fighters 46th Biennial Convention comes to a close. Delegates considered and passed several key resolutions that will set the bar for the next 2 years. We would like to thank  City of McAllen TX Government  and  McAllen Firefighters  for hosting and providing the best hospitality to the members.  Dustin Burrows for Texas ,  Oscar Longoria State Representative District 35  for your continued leadership and commitment to fire fighters.    

Governor Abbott signs SB 2551 into law

BREAKING NEWS: Governor Abbott signs SB 2551 By Hinojosa into law. This bill Relates to the liability of certain political subdivisions for certain workers' compensation claims. We are excited to know that firefighters will get the coverage & medical treatment they need to recover from an illness/injury under this bill.  To often, Fire fighters were denied worker's comp claims.  Although, this bill does great we will continue to advocate much more revisions to the worker's comp system.  

Fire Fighters extinguish vehicle fire

Vehicle fires happen often, more often than you may be aware of, and their hazards can be deadly. Fire Fighters responded to a car fire on I-2.  Upon arrival fire fighters encountered a vehicle fully involved and extinguished the fire.  These types of incidents can be extremely dangerous and urge drivers and passengers to exit the vehicle as soon as possible and call 911. 

Firefighters Await Cancer Protection bill to be signed

Homer Salinas, a cancer survivor speaks with KRGV Valerie Gonzalez about SB 2551 by Sen. Hinojosa. Although, relieved about this legislative session Homer, says there is still work to do and thanks all that came together on both sides of the aisle to passing this important bill.  Click on the link below to see the news report.  https://www.krgv.com/news/firefighters-await-cancer-protection-bill-to-be-signed

Workers comp bill heads to Governors desk for signature

Worker’s Comp bill will head to Governor Abbotts desk for signature once verified by both Speaker and Lt Governor. Mission firefighters together with the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters worked tirelessly with legislators and their staff to support legislative efforts to fix a broken workers comp system that was very flawed. Homer Salinas, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer back in 2017 vowed he would travel to Austin to meet with legislators during the 86th legislative session to tell his...
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SB 2551 by Hinojosa relating to liability, payment, and death benefits of certain workers comp claims such as, cancers clears the House chambers.

The bill will head to the Senate to approve amendments submitted by the House for final passage.  Once the Senate concurs with the bill it will be sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature. This bill provides clarity of types of cancers covered under workers comp.    The bill will also prohibit city’s to claim sovereign immunity and allow employees to recover attorneys fees if sued by the insurance carrier who acts in bad faith.  Mission firefighters together with the...
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SB 2551 passes Senate chamber moves to the House

Senate Bill 2551 by  Hinojosa, moved passage from the senate chambers and now will be headed to the House for consideration.  Members met with Senator Hinojosa, at the capitol as the bill was passed. Senator Hinojosa, introduced this piece of legislation so that first responders would not go through the broken workers comp system that currently exists.  There is 19 days left in the 86th Legislative session and hope working with House members this bill will become law. 

Senate bill proposed to help first responders with job related injuries and illness by KGBT

Image-5-6-19-at-1.55-PM This is a screenshot, scroll below to view.
Right now, several people in the Valley are championing for a Senate Bill that would protect first responders. Lt. Homer Salinas, from the Mission Fire Department, remembers his own as he reads the names of Mission firefighters that lost their lives due to health-related issues that rose from working in the line of duty. "My brothers, I call them my brothers they sat beside me in an engine," Salinas said. Salinas has been with the fire department for 17 years. He...
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Senate Bill 2551 voted out by the Texas Senate of Business & Commerce Committee

A hearing on SB 2551 by Hinojosa was heard by the Texas Senate of Business & Commerce. Homer Salinas, testified and thanked the committee for setting a hearing to fix the workers comp system. The bill (SB 2551) was voted out of committee and soon to be heard on the Senate floor. Thank you to Senator Juan Chuy Hinojosa for always advocating for first responders.
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